Faculty of Optometry

Faculty of Optometry

Optometry, commonly described as ‘Primary Eye Health Care Professional’ is the study of Vision and Eye. In this field of study Vision Care provides numerous Certificates and Diplomas according to each student’s desire. Accordingly, Faculty of Optometry accommodate abundant courses in all subjects relating to Optometry. In this fixed schedule programs numerous practical’s, events and first hand on the job training experiences are provided dissimilar to many academies found now a day. 

Programs Information
With over a decade of experience Vision Care has successfully won the recognition of students and many educational parties with the countless of programs concluded successfully. Faculty of Optometry consists of four different courses conducted by many recognized Professors’ and professors. 

Certificate for Ophthalmic Assistant - COA
Certificate in Ophthalmic Assistants which is a one-year full time certificate program conducted by Vision Care Academy with an annual intake of 20 candidates. The COA course started in the academy at 2008 year. The Ophthalmic Assistant is a professionally qualified person who are able to perform a basic vision assessment test and provide optical correction under the supervision of Optometrist. 

Diploma in Optometry - DOP
Diploma in optometry is a two years’ full time program conducted by Vision Care Academy with the annual intakes of 20 candidates per batch. The DOP course started on 2015 onward. End this course candidate become an optometrist who is dedicated to clinical practice in optometry, specializing in diagnostics, low vision assessment, contact lens fitting and binocular vision problems in addition to many other vision related diseases. 

Certificate in Dispensing Optics - CDO
Certificate in Dispensing Optics is another one-year certificate program conducted by Vision Care Academy who will become a dispensing optician end of the program. The CDO course started on 2011 and the average annual intake for the course is 30 students per batch. Dispensing optician is a professionally qualified personality who work related to dispensing spectacle to the customer.  

Certificate in Vision Therapy - CVT 
Certificate in Vision Therapy is a newly introduced one-year certificate program conducted by Vision Care Academy and end of the program they become professionally qualified vision therapist. The CVT course started on 2019 and the maximum intake in a year is 10 candidates per batch. 
Furthermore, all courses has their own specified education levels to be eligible for enrolment and every advanced detail will be additionally described in the above mentioned course content column of our website.
Our programs contain a mixture of courses applicable for the needs of all students. And in addition, course coordinators will devotedly see to all needs of the student body during entire time for each individual student’s needs.