Mr. Dasantha R Fonseka


Vision Care Optical Services Private Limited has been known as the leading eye care services provider in Sri Lanka for the last 26 years. With a renowned history and an insightful understanding in our field over 50 branches in operation, Vision Care Optical Services (Pvt) Ltd is privileged to be the one of the Biggest & the most expanded in the highest level firms in our sector in Sri Lanka. With our in-house training programs the management of Vision Care has decided to cater well qualified professional staff to our customers. Our Training Academy was registered under Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) in 2011 & was recognized as a full-time member by the Association of Schools of Colleges of Optometry (ASCO) – India in 2015 are some milestones we passed in the past.  

We stand for quality service to our customers by providing state of the art facilities for training of high quality to our staff. I take this opportunity to pay my gratitude to my enthusiastic team for their persistent support towards the Vision Care Academy which helps for the growth of the company and for our valuable clients for keeping the faith on us. We would not get to where we are at the present without all you and I believe that it will continue to be and will enhance in numerous means and ways.